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Meridian, MS

Incoming Caller Id Not Working, Broken Ring

I have an issue where the incoming caller Id is not working at all. I just signed up for this service last night and started making test calls. Outgoing calls will show my number on Caller Id but Incoming calls will not show anything and will ring halfway through once then stop, then ring again, stop and then ring again. This is not a normal pattern for my phone. I am moving my service from Callcentric so this problem was never an issue for me there. I am sure that it is just a setting somewhere in my ATA but I have checked and double checked the settings required by Voip.ms and they are correct. ATA firmware is updated. Any suggestions? I need to have the Caller Id feature working.. I need my phone to be able to ring properly. Thanks in advance!


Ottawa, ON
This forum is a bit hard to find, so you may want to post this in the VoIP Tech Chat forum: »VOIP Tech Chat Lots of knowledgeable people there. I'd suggest adding the make/model of your ATA in your post. I've never had this problem with voip.ms, so I have to idea (I'm using a PAP2T).