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New York, NY

[General] Broadsoft

Hi all,

I'm a research analyst for an investment firm and we're doing some research into Broadsoft. I'm hoping the community here can give me some unbiased feedback on their VoIP technology, e.g. whether or not it's ahead of the curve, or anything else (good or bad) that might be interesting. From our perch, it seems like there are a lot of competitors out there providing the same kind of solutions they provide. Is there a technical reason they've taken so much share with the telcos, or is it mostly a first-mover advantage? Any honest commentary/opinions would be helpful.

Much obliged,




I think investment firms fire analysts who rely on semi-anonymous public forum opinions. People can write anything here whether it is true or not. For example: "that company is derogatory towards women because of the first part of its name," which is not true of course.


New York, NY

I obviously wouldn't be relying solely on semi-anonymous public forum opinions. On the contrary, you'd be surprised at how valuable the opinion of real world industry participants are compared to the amount of spin put out by the companies themselves and their bankers.

There seems to be a lot of sharp and helpful folks here, but I'm open to suggestions on where you think I can find reliable information on my question elsewhere.

Windermere, FL
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I'm sure you will get some opinions here.

You can use the search tool on the upper-right to review older posts.



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Hi Eric,

I used to run global marketing at BroadSoft for 9 years from its inception so I know a bit about the company and the market.

There are very large switching costs when a carrier picks a platform like BroadWorks well beyond the cost of licenses (back office, training, interop etc.) that go well beyond a few features.

Additionally, while other platforms might seem like they are similar to BroadSoft, the reality is like an iceberg, most of the functionality is not in the end user features but under the hood (scalability, management, reliability, interoperability etc.). By this metric, there have been 14 years invested in the platform that are very hard to replicate. Also, the platform performs very well and customers really like the product, technology, and team so no real reason to switch.

BroadSoft won most of the carriers in the land grab and are unlikely to be dislodged anytime soon which is why the company is doing so well growing their penetration of the end user market based on this massive installed base.

Hope this helps.



New York, NY

Thanks Scott. That was definitely helpful. What other companies do you see competing directly with Broadsoft? Although they will enjoy their entrenched position with existing customers for a while, do they still have a competitive edge in winning new customers? Companies that come to my mind are GENBAND and Metaswitch. Any thoughts?

P.S. Would be happy to share our research with you as well and/or continue this conversation offline to see if there's a way I can be useful for you. Just PM me to exchange contact info if you're interested.



They are nominally competing with Metaswitch and Genband directly. Also Cisco hosted solutions and open source more indirectly. But once a service provider makes a selection in either direction, they are very unlikely to switch. And the land grab is over so there are very few new SPs in the world that have not decided already on their call control vendor.

Happy to take this conversation offline and interested in your research.


Jeff Gilliam

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Since Broadsoft is a very expensive solution we are interested in knowing about any alternatives to Broadsoft. We are basically planning on launching Hosted PBX service. The solutions we have researched so far are voipswitch, brekeke, portaone and ipsmarx. Since we do not expect to have a lot of customers to begin with so we are looking for a decent solution that is reliable and inexpensive.