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Acanac cable internet down for 3 WEEKS

The internet service that we prepaid Acanac for stopped working on September 28, it's now October 18. I've been in and out of contact with Acanac since then. It's nearly impossible to raise them on the phone in the evening.

At first they advised us to upgrade our modem to the Huawei model from an older Motorola. We did, and that didn't fix it. Then they told us to have a Rogers tech come out and look at the lines. He came and removed some sort of filter from the splitter on the outside of the house. However, our internet service STILL does not work.

Acanac now wants to have Rogers come back out (to accomplish what, I don't know). At this point, i just want my money back and to go to Teksavvy. Apparently they will support the new Huawei modem we just purchased.

Anyone else have an experience like this? Any advice on how to get my service or my money back?

Toronto, ON
Can you please PM me your account information and I'll see what I can do to help.