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Kansas City, MO
reply to Ripperjack

Re: What is Sprint doing to Virgin?

said by Ripperjack:

I fear that with Sprints 4G LTe expansion efforts in my area, they are screwing over the 3G signal, by drowning it out with the newer 4G spectrum. This would be all well and good if I could even GET the 4G signal, as I would upgrade. However I am still too far away from San Antonio to use their new 4G LTe product, and have to resort to the relatively stone age 3G service.

Sprint... STOP cannibalizing Virgins service, just so you can shovel 4G out the door!!!

Virgin's signal is sprint's signal... they are the same signal.

I have heard of many complain about their service when sprint is upgrding the network in their area so perhaps this is a good sign (when the 4G upgrade is done you have much better back haul on 3G as well)... or it could just be a tower that is broken. They don't have it listed on the upgrade map »network.sprint.com/search/Freder ··· g%2C+TX/ so I am guessing the tower is overloaded or broken.

If you have the patience to deal with it call virgin mobile tech support and report the issue.

Good luck!