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San Antonio, TX

DSL Activation delayed, is a "Facility Issue". (?)

I previously had AT&T DSL Pro (3 mbps down, 512 kbps up) and did stop using it a couple months back since i thought Clear Wimax would fill the gap. That didnt work out so well so i wanted to go back to AT&Ts DSL and get reliability.

Activation was to be 10/17/12 @ 8pm. Came and went with the 2210s sync light blinking non stop red. Woke up this morning on the 18th, still red light. Called CS and they told me that there was an error with activation and that it would be activated at anytime today.

Now the modem (Motorola 2210) works fine since i tested it with a friends DSL connection so i ruled that out. About 2 hours later, i get a callback from CS saying techs are working on it. I asked what the problem was and they she said, "The phone line cant get signal, it is a Facility Issue." I asked what that meant and she didnt know. She said that techs are working on it but in the case they cant fix it, i will not be able to get DSL internet.

Can anyone please help me out since the vagueness is unsettling to say the least since i previously had DSL service no more than a couple of months ago. A AT&T tech came down and redid the line so the home phones are working no prob. Checked the DSL filters, no issue either.

In short, what does "Facility Issues" mean? :/


Re: DSL Activation delayed, is a "Facility Issue". (?

In short, if you have working phone service on this line, then I would say the facilities are loaded and those loads will have to be removed for the dsl to work. The other possibility is that there is trouble on the line that is killing the dsl but not affecting your dial tone enough for you to notice.
Having service previously is no indication of the service you get now due to the facilities could have been reused for another customer once you discontinued service and your new service could be on completely different facilities. Just be patient and hopefully things will be fixed in a few days.


San Antonio, TX
Thanks. The way the rep worded it made me nervous. They did call me at around 9pm to inform me that they are actively working on it. I hope its resolved soon since i need to ditch Clear asap.