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Greenwich, CT
reply to Cthen

Re: [Rant] Everyone jump on the Pink bandwagon...

said by Cthen:

said by Subaru:

said by CylonRed:

Always been that way - many companies virtually demand 100% participation on United Way drives from their employees so that they could crow about it on websites and advertising.

All about branding and marketing and marketing the company as one that cares about people to gain sympathy and good feelings about the brand. Think the CBS spots - CBS Cares...

God, I hate marking and the 'branding' BS... But sheeple fall for it so it will continue and be pervasive.

I did not want to donate money to the united Way for reasons I don't like.. anyways my company kinda forces you to regardless and it's highly annoying so I give the least amount I can

I had a company try that with me once and I refused. They threatened to take out of my paycheck but a quick call to the state's labor board shut them up. If they are in any way forcing you, it is theft, plain and simple.

I'm going to try that on them next year a lot of other people are pissed off at it as well.
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