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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to OZO

Re: Who controls the internet?

said by OZO:

said by Name Game:

The Internet might be something that needs to be 'free' but unless you are taxed to get it or pay out of your own pocket..if it were not subsidized by ads..the cost to run it will not come from the tooth fairy.

It could be free. But I pay for it each month. With regards to the alleged role of advertisement industry subsidizing the Internet - I'm sorry, but I block all ads on all web sites I visit. May be that has caused the worst one-day drop (7.74%) in four years for Google stock. If it has, I made my point - I don't need those freaking ads...

Yes you cause that knee jerk ..now Bob will be looking for ya He has a portfolio full of binders.

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