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reply to Mojo 77

Re: ATT DSL rip-off

said by Mojo 77 :

USF went to both institutional broadband deployment and phone services. It was a completely unaccountable program rife with fraud, delivering billions to phone companies with nobody bothering to audit it. It doesn't include the billions in additional subsidies, kickbacks, tax breaks and other benefits companies like AT&T got for doing nothing -- with the company easily able to bribe those who'd otherwise ensure they did what tehy promised.

Your pretense that AT&T is somehow guiltless of thirty years of taxpayer fraud (with government help) is laughable.

I said nothing of the sort. I said the subsidies were for voice / POTS services, not broadband. I stand by that, and my evidence is the fact that the FCC spent years modifying its rules to allow those subsidies to be used for broadband.

OTOH, you claim with no evidence whatsoever that the subsidies WERE for broadband, so let me ask again (since you ignored it): if you are correct, WHY did the FCC spend years modifying the subsidy rules if those rules already allowed the subsidies to be spent on broadband?