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Big Tex

reply to Telco

Re: ha ha@att

said by Telco:

Then again, AT&T is a Texan company, which by nature is oblivious to anything outside that state.

That's because nothing outside of Texas matters

I wouldn't be surprised if US carriers haven't expanded abroad because it's unlikely that in most places they would make the egregious profits that make in the US. It'll be interesting to see whether Softbank brings Japanese-style rates to the US market (assuming the deal goes through). They'll probably have to back it up with better coverage, though.


Good point. I think our carriers would go bankrupt in any other country as the people would lol at these charges and the services they offer for them here. Heck, typically any plan over $60 gets you the handset for free overseas.

Not to mention, they would face fine after fine in numerous countries that prohibit duopolies and locking customers and their handsets to one network. Their pricing must also include all fees and taxes, which AT&T and VZ would hate.


Helena, MT
reply to Big Tex
Japanese-style rates? Japanese rates are quite expensive. Japan isn't the UK...