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Re: Hello can I have DSL and exede on my pc ?

said by jpgr:

I am hoping its as easy as disconnecting from my dsl router and connecting to the router of the satellite and vice versa ..

Having a dedicated router hooked to SB2 modem is a wise option.


Clyde, OH

ya I figure my wireless card will pic up both routers and it will be as easy as clicking disconnect and clicking connect.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

Another option is to get a failover router. They're designed to be connected by more than one modem, and can switch between the two. There are several brands, CradlePoint is the one with which I'm familiar. Mine is the MBR-90x. Plug a satellite modem into the WAN port, and a WiFi card into the USB slot. You then tell the router which is the primary, and it automatically switches over to the secondary upon failure of the primary. Which means you can also go into the router user interface and simply reverse primary and secondary at will.

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