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Upper Marlboro, MD

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[Speed] shafted again

Shafted again on the 50M/10M business line w/ maximum static ip's. No speed bump, still no powerboost, still no IPv6 - just a price bump for nothing.

Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA

Re: shafted again

Looks like they are eliminating powerboost for 22/5 (now 27/7), too, at least in some areas. Perhaps they are getting rid of it or drastically reducing the amount it boosts in preparation for these speed bumps.
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Mechanicsville, VA

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I will be dropping back to something else if they do drop powerboost partially due to principal.

I signed a contract that in its original name had "with powerboost" in it. They have changed the name of my plan twice in three months and removed the "with powerboost" statement. There has been not communication from Comcast either on my bill nor by any other means stating that there were going to be any changes to my plan that I am still in an ORIGINAL contract for.

They are dragging their feet on rolling out IPv6 to business customers and using the excuse that they want to make sure it is right and does not impact their business customer's connection. Yet they pull this speed bump stunt and have caused all kinds of issues. For the premium we pay we should demand to be treated better than this.

One thought I have had about all of this is that they are trying to now squeeze everything they can out of us business customers because they know many of us have switched from residential in order to have the static IP's, no caps w/ powerboost, and better service. So now they are going to take away one of the perks we enjoyed with a residential connection without having the caps on a business connection.