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[HN7000S] HN7000s power up reset

Well, I signed up last night to post about this problem but may have fixed it tonight. We had a power outage, power went out 3 times Sunday morning, modem would not power up, had a spare power cord that fixed that problem.

Tuesday night started having problems, modem would turn off and then come back on, I looked at the reset log and I was getting a lot of power up resets in the log.

I replaced some cables this afternoon because one had some corrosion in it. I know that bad cables can cause problems from past experiences but would they cause a power up reset where the modem would power down(all lights off) and then power back? Last time I dealt with bad cables, one light would stay on but this time all lights were going off.

It seems to be fine now, I've been on the net for almost 4 hours and would have had at least a dozen resets in that 4 hours for the past couple of days. I can't believe that one cable with some corrosion on it could have caused the problem but if it did, this is just one more thing to learn.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
The modem has built in protection against cable shorts. All it takes is one of those little ground shield filaments coming into contact with the center conductor, and you have a cable short. That causes the modem to instantly power itself down. When it detects the short has been removed, it automatically powers itself back up. Usually that type of short is permanent, but can be fixed with a new connector (or a new length of cable).

Intermittent shorts on the other hand, are a little more difficult to track down. Again, it can be caused by a stray filament, which occasionally touches the center conductor in the wind or during temperature shifts. But it can also be cause by water. Rain/frost/ice can get into a compromised cable and/or connector and cause a similar short. Then when the sun warms it back up, the moisture dries out - and the short disappears. Until the next time it gets wet.

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