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reply to Cisco Kid

Re: [Internet] Poll: Have your issues been resolved?

said by Cisco Kid :

However, having written that, I personally feel that the creation of the Direct Forum has taken the wind out of this open forum. I enjoy reading what others have encountered and what was done to correct or satisfy them......and the Direct Forum has taken a lot of those Posts away from this Public Forum.

Agreed! With your statement.

That being said it is useful to have a BHN Rep on hand but would be nice to see BHNtechXpert respond to less of the gibber jabber and focus on peoples problems not others opinions or experiences.

Takes the DSLREPORTS (share your experience) out of this site or Forum if someone constantly corrects your experience and tells you cold is hot and hot is cold. (you have to see it my way)

I can see trolls in every forum but for some who don't have an agenda can learn from others experience and posts.

I personally have no issues with BHN on the internet side and I am happy with the service.

Just my observation, or dapinion.