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Warwick, RI

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reply to jackfr

Re: MOCA connection Problem What am I missing?

You have 7 device connections: ONT, Actiontec, STB1, STB2, STB3, OutBuilding1 and OutBuilding2. All are home runs to the cellar, at least as I understand it. When I was asking for the splitter setup, I wanted to know how many and how connected.

From your description, there's a problem: the Actiontec cannot pick up coax WAN. There's no reason you cannot get a tech to fix that. The ethernet WAN connection is a work-around, not a fix.

Is the main splitter a single 3-port splitter with one leg going to another splitter with another leg going to still another splitter? You have at least 6 downstream tap connections. If you have multiple splitters, the outputs of each one are lower than the one before. The dB numbers are additive. A 2-way connected to a 2-way connected to a 3-way will have lower signal at the end than at the 3-way.

You mentioned a 2-way. I'm guessing that's what is feeding the outbuildings. What others? You'd need a 5-way and a 2-way minimum. Is that what you have?

Connect the outbuildings to the same splitter that has the main Actiontec. [edit to add: assumes that splitter is not defective.] STBs are on short runs and can tolerate greater losses at the end of the splitter chain.

Also, use coax stats page on the Actiontec to show signal strength. Log in to Actiontec, click on globe icon on left, click on Coax Stats link in Network (Home/Office) column. Look for numbers 180 or greater. A good connection will show around 230. [edit to add: Post a screenshot. A picture is worth a thousand words. Also, right now, the coax stats page will not show the outbuildings since the ECB pairs are connected to network by ethernet.]