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Midlothian, VA
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: just upgraded to 150/60

said by ITALIAN926:

Well, then you become the CEO of Verizon and instruct all installers to use ethernet instead of Moca. Youll last maybe a week. On my MoCA connection I get single digit pings and no problems whatsoever.

The only legit reason to use ethernet on sub 75Mbps is if the customer wants to use their own router for internet only. Or ethernet + customer provided switch and router to use Verizon router in combination for TV. Its a rare occasion techs come across this scenario.

I didn't realize there could be an illegitimate reason for ethernet over coax , originally all installs were ethernet and using the verizon issued router. I have always had ethernet and it does perform better for a host of reasons.

The benefit for most homeowners though of MOCA is that they can make use of the existing cable infrastructure to network their homes with simple MOCA adapters (ECB2200) or additional MOCA routers.

From a pure performance standpoint ethernet is better and has considerably more bandwidth than MOCA currently does and like Houk. stated there is less jitter and typically less latency.

The average homeowner though will never notice this much less make it an issue.


East Amherst, NY

When mine was installed (25/25) I just asked the installer to do ethernet. He said OK, however it wouldn't be supported and I had to have my actiontec there for diagnostics -- which isn't true but he thought what I was doing was cool. My actiontec is powered off... It's not for a non-network person though, so I can understand why Moca makes sense for 99% of the people because it can do the net and the DVR/STB use it, and most people have coax. Makes 100% sense. As things get faster, ethernet will probably take over.

For me, my house is 100% ethernet, and I run my TV right to a HDHR prime, which doesn't need the actiontec, and my ethernet cable goes into my Cisco router, and I understand that is the vast minority. However Verizon worked with me and I am very happy.