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Re: Fill out

After Randall Stephenson said last quarter that they were mulling upgrading more DSL lines I had actually already sent a letter to the Office of the President for AT&T asking them to do that. Just a few days later I received a call from a construction supervisor who said that they had been giving the green light to upgrade our area but he wasn't sure all the details yet as it was just decided. He said he wasn't sure when our area would be upgraded but that it would be upgraded within a 12-18 month time frame. So this analysts prediction may be spot on.

So if it's only 3-5 million lines it will be like elefante72 said, major area fill out and then LTE with Verizon Home Fusion like services for the rest. This is very encouraging for me since I live in a metro area that isn't upgraded (and AT&T is our only provider). I wanted to believe the AT&T guy but I always take it with a grain of salt until a guy is digging or running a line in our neighborhood. But this is encouraging, well for about 3-5 million of us unfortunate suckers anyway.


Columbus, OH
I'm curious how you worded the letter, as I live in a pocket where there isn't a nearby x-box to plop a VRAD next to (Fiber backhaul from CO to the RT, then UG copper to our neighborhood, qualify for Elite DSL). Yet were surrounded by u-Verse. Guys have said it will take running the fiber a lil deeper to us, or placing a VRAD next/in the RT to pair bond us. Maybe this will finally plug out hole were in.