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reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: CRTC wants public help on new wireless rules

said by MaynardKrebs:

BitTorrent & TPB also make it "free"

Sans 16+ minutes of commercial kaka every hour.

Not that I condone that sort of behaviour or anything.


Heave Steve, for the good of the country

Of course.



The blabber mouth, Terence Corcoran, with no real insight decided to write more, this time about this new code of wireless conduct


In it he slams the OpenMedia Mouth piece, Anderson, for daring to say he got hooked into a 3 year contract re-newel unbeknown to himself, and calls it out as bullshit.

Well who here has had their cell auto-renew? I know my wife has. And when she called to complain to Rogers, they said they took care of it and is no longer on contract and then lowered her price.

I laughed and told her they just put you on another contract. She says no way. I say call them and find out.... Yup, they stuck her on another contract. Boy was she pissed off. She handed me the phone and said get rid of it for me. So I did. I had to swear at them for what they did and told them to pull records so you can see the lies you told not only me, but my wife. Then they fixed it (I called the next day to confirm it, and it was finally done... or so they said).

So, it appears as Mr. Terence Corcoran once again doesn't have a clue what he is talking about while he is openly calling Steve Andersons story BS.

What we are seeing here is money4words. A media company (Financial Post) fighting what is actually going on with people (and their money) and calling it all lies.

Quite interesting, and yet sad, to see someone in the media saying it's all bullshit as hundreds of people are writing in.

Meanwhile, as this words4money man continues his disservice to all Canadians for profit, there is now over 750 people posting and detailing similar experiences over at the CRTC:

I hope everyone here has submitted any mobile complaint to them that you have you encountered to help the CRTC see what is going on.

pick a name


People who are following this may want to note that there is a time extension to file your comments to the CRTC in regards to wireless.

New deadline for submission of interventions/comments: 4 December 2012

File number: 8665-C12-201212448
Changes to procedure

With this notice, the Commission revises the procedure established in Proceeding to establish a mandatory code for mobile wireless services, Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2012-557, 11 October 2012.

The procedural changes are as follows:

The Commission extends the deadlines to submit interventions and replies.
The Commission amends the date of the public hearing.
The amended notice provides additional details about the online consultation.
The amended notice confirms that parties will have the opportunity to file final written replies following the public hearing.
The amended notice sets out that, prior to the commencement of the public hearing, the Commission will issue a “draft code” document prepared by Commission staff, based on the interventions and replies, as a way to stimulate debate and focus submissions at the public hearing.