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Calgary, AB


I've had the wifi only PlayBook (and iPad 3G) and now that I have an LTE PlayBook, I won't ever go back to a wifi or bridged only version.

The ability and convenience of a radio enabled tablet vs the wifi required (or tethered and or bridged) makes it all that much more effective whilst out and about.

I certainly don't miss draining 2 batteries being connected.
No bluetooth connection to worry about, just the radio use.

Don't get me wrong, bridging (tethering for non BB peeps) is great, but not being tied to my Bold is even better. The freedom of my LTE equipped PlayBook is just to good to ever go back to being wifi/bridge dependant.

I totally agree! I have two tablets, the HTC Evo View which is a 3G/4G Wimax tablet on Sprint and just got the wifi only Sony Xperia S Tablet. The Xperia S is a much better tablet and I like it a lot better, but it sucks having to be connected to wifi in order to use internet based functions. Contrary to what people like to spout out, free unencrypted wifi does not cover the entire planet.
I do not want to tether my phone to my tablet. I’m not a fan of wifi, unless it’s absolutely necessary, and I do not like the idea of sharing out the data from my cell phone to another device via wifi that will cause the other device to be slower than if it had it’s own native data connection. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever paying an extra monthly fee for dedicated data on a tablet.
As much as I love Sprint, they’re data network has just became atrocious over the past few years and they have not even mentioned a single market in Upstate NY yet to get upgraded to LTE. I’m highly considering a switch to Verizon Wireless, even though I absolutely cannot stand them. The Droid Razr HD Maxx has my name written all over it, what I’m primarily waiting for is an announcement from Motorola and VZW about a successor to the Droid Xyboard tablet.
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