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[AB] PPTP-Shaw- and outgoing mail

I am running my home network through a ASUS RT-N16 router in PPTP mode (as a VPN), I find that I can receive mail in my outlook 2007 (using Shaw web mail account) but am not able to send mail. Do i need to adjust my outlook setting, or settings in the router. I know just enough to cause me problems, but not much more.


Calgary, AB
Not nearly enough information,

Are you out and about and using PPTP to connect to your home Shaw connection?

Are you using a Shaw connection trying to connect to the PPTP server?

Using the Default Gateway on the Remote Network enabled or disabled in the VPN settings?

What outgoing email server are you trying to use?
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Victoria, BC
reply to LostinEdmont
This is happening because Shaw's mail server thinks you're not on a shaw connection - because you're hooked up through the PPTP connection on your router. To get around this, you need to change the smtp server info, as follows:

This server is ideal for use on a mobile device, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone since it allows you to send emails while your device is using an internet connection that is not provided by Shaw. Therefore, if you are at a coffee shop using a wireless connection or are tethering the internet connection on your mobile phone, you can send emails using this server

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.shaw.ca
Server Type: SMTP
SSL: on
StartTLS: on (for Android devices only)
Port: 587
Remote Access: Enabled (contact one of our Technical Support Representatives to check whether Remote Access has been enabled for your email account. See Remote Access for more information.)
Authentication: Plain Text or Password

If you need more info just type shaw email setup in google and go to their community pages which will help with setup.