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Lynnwood, WA
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reply to robman50

Re: video card failing?

said by robman50:

What are some signs of overheating damage?

Bunch of errors....

Now that you know the root cause, you can either reinstall the heatsink and the fan (and perhaps get a higher CFM fan and a bigger heatsink) or just install a different video card.

Not sure if you can do these, but slightly *lowering* the voltage and the clock speed of the GPU should make it run cooler.
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Beamsville, ON
I have removed the cooler, cleaned the dust out, wiped the old paste off the GPU, put fresh thermal paste (artic silver) on the GPU and put the cooler back on. I have also notice the HDD IDE cable was blocking the cool air from getting to the GPU cooler. I have also cleared away the dust from the CPU, PSU, HDD, AGP slot, motherboard. I tried to round the floppy cable for better air flow. Lastly I removed the one back plate so the GPU cooler can blow the hot air out of the back of the case.

Running the system idle and GPU-Z reports PCB is 42C and GPU is 45.6C.