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Springfield, MA
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reply to CXM_Splicer

Re: PEG programming

said by CXM_Splicer:

said by Google :
A cable television franchise fee in the United States stems from a community's basic right to charge for use of the property it owns. The cable television franchise fees represent part of the compensation a community receives in exchange for the cable operator's occupation and the right-of-way use of public property. A franchise fee is not a tax; it is a rental charge.

So it is your contention that the cable companies should have the right to string their cables up on property they don't own for free? Please tell me your address, I would like to run some cables through your backyard.

I thought various utilities owned the poles and that Comcast pays the pole owners for attaching their lines. I don't see a franchise fee on my electric bill and they basically use the same right of way. The power company makes money off of Comcast as they lease pole space.
I wish I still lived in Iowa; Everything there from rent and groceries to Cable TV is much cheaper in Iowa (especially with an overbuilder in town).

Looking at the bigger picture
Fee structures vary greatly between areas. It is possible that your locality doesn't charge the electric company at all, they may have worked out a deal for free or discounted electricity, or it may just be included in the electric bill. Communities have the right (or had if they gave it up) to charge electric and telephone companies franchise fees. They can also pay state & local taxes in addition to franchise fees. Here in NYC, Verizon has to pay a yearly tax on underground cable. If the duct is empty, they don't have to pay. Some states charge utilities a yearly property tax on their poles... not on the land they sit on but the pole itself.

Here in NY, almost all poles are owned by either the electric co or Verizon. Depending on who owns the physical pole, they can charge a cable company to attach to it but it has nothing to do with town franchise agreements.