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Tannersville, PA
reply to pnh102

Re: Broken System

said by pnh102:

said by jazzlady:

The problem is that many of us rely on cable internet. When you drop the cable tv part, they jack your bill up.

If I drop my tv, my cable modem bill goes up $15 a month. Granted, $15 a month isn't too terrible, but what's to stop them from raising it $40 or $50 a month to make up for the lost revenue?

Agreed, but this for me was my only option.

Although in my particular case, when I downgraded my Internet with Comcast to Economy Plus, I was able to avoid that big of a hit. And, I can still do Netflix streaming and VPN/RDP sessions for working from home.

I understand completely.

Between this news, and the news yesterday about the FCC allowing cableco's to encrypt basic cable- I am thinking of dropping it also.

If I have to rent converter boxes/remotes my tv cost will go from $70 a month to $120- just for the tv part.

If that happens I may look into a commercial account with the same provider, if it has no caps, or reasonable ones.

They sure have consumers by the short and curly's, that''s for sure. :-(
“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
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