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Fort Erie, ON
reply to Guspaz

Re: Hard Drive Deals

said by Guspaz:

I don't think heat and reliability are a problem. It's been on the market long enough (2009) to prove reliability (and have bugs already patched), it's 34nm flash so it has a great deal more cycle endurance than newer 20nm or 25nm drives, and even as an earlier drive it still only consumes 2.5w under load, half as much as a traditional hard disk.

The only concern, really, is that $20 of the discount is an MIR. I've never had trouble getting MIRs, especially from Intel, but then I wasn't thrilled that they send their MIRs as American Express cards.

I meant to say that the X25-M would fit the bill, as it is both cool operating and reliable versus a mechanical drive, even though it is older and slower.