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reply to pnh102

Re: Just another way for suckers to be parted from their money

said by pnh102:

And lastly, if someone is stupid enough to finance a tablet, then that person deserves to be screwed. You don't finance toys!

One thing we can finally agree on. However, my point still stands, that most Americans need to fiance things because they do not have the disposable income left, after paying for basic bills, to purchase them outright.

Remember, it's you guys who created the middle-class killing walmarts. It's why these stores and the new walmart (the dollar stores) have saturated every corner of Red States.

In addition, you guys endorse this 3rd world rise of minimum wage jobs, that barely pay enough after 40 hours to cover rent on a one bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere. Whereas, most liberal companies like Apple, Costco, Starbucks etc pay their entry-level employees a decent rate and offer benefits.