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Onondaga, MI
reply to wchill09

Re: [DSL] drop outs, connection interupted....multiple service c

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Status update:

Called tech support yesterday and tech came this afternoon. Checked line condition and said it does have noise but that it shouldn't affect the dsl connection. Checked wires from outside box on house to box on pole and also to the main box down the road and said they were OK....He did seem thorough in his testing and was genuinely trying to find a fix....but it wasn't until he saw 150K+ FEC errors (6 hour time frame) in the log that he truly knew what we were experiencing here. It definitely helped having hard copies of the transceiver log to try and show what is going on between modem restarts. What he did do was to back the speed down to where it should have been....7.8M down, 850k up in addition to cleaning up terminal connections both here and down the road. It HAS made quite a bit of improvement in the reliability of my connection. Been on for about 3 hours now and only had to restart once.....FEC errors are at 953. He is supposed to followup tomorrow and if problem persists will change to another port and possibly back the speed down some more..... , I will keep you posted of status and will attach the current transceiver stats: