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Sonic Support-Can't even contact a supervisor?

Recently, I contacted Sonic support (via email) for help during an 'off again/on again' Fusion ADSL outage. It's an intermittent problem that happens every few months. Dane J. is always saying about how the customer should contact support so I thought that this would be a good time, since my internet connection would probably be going out and they could be monitoring the connection. Surely enough, it went out. Just before it died, I had been in contact with support but wasn't really satisfied with their answers like "very long cable(more than 10 feet) picking up AM radio interference." This went on for a bunch of emails.

When my connection mysteriously came back, I then requested the email for a supervisor to discuss their trouble-shooting procedure during this type of outage. This is what I received:
"We currently don't have any public supervisor email addresses that we can give out. If you have a question or would like some help with a supported issue, then please reply here or give us a call at Support. "

I was very surprised that when a customer requests a higher level of support, that these walls are erected. After reading in this forum for many years about people posting positive reviews of their support, I'm surprised that when you feel that your problems have not been properly addressed, you get this response.

I've had positive experiences with their support personnel for simple stuff but it seems like when the more difficult problems happen, you're on your own.

Just posting my experience............SonicUserSF5yrs

Santa Rosa, CA
Yes, it's correct that there is no email address here which skips the general support team and goes directly to a supervisor. However, each email is assigned to a ticket number, and you could ask in that thread that the message be escalated to a supervisor for review. That supervisor may take ownership of the ticket and follow it through, or delegate to another staff member.

Best bet though if you are having a stability or performance issue is to call, 707-547-3400, and speak with a tech - if they can't find an easy fix (a cabling problem, bad equipment, etc), they will dispatch a technician to check your circuit.