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Madison Heights, MI

Sprint's Explanation

Our company is located in MI, and the reliability and performance of our Sprint corporate cellphones has been declining for a while, we wanted to meeting to see if their was light at the end of the tunnel. we were told that the problems with the cell towers in our area are from two problems, one a Qualcom piece of equipment being installed as part of the upgrading to LTE was back-ordered, and the engineers removed the old equipment too soon, also Sprint doesn't currently have back haul capacity to support the LTE network they are installing, and they are upgrading that. Bottom line, we should see an improvement in Q1 or Q2 2013.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
I gotta say, we've been having problems with our NEXTELs in NYC for the last 3 months or so, but since Monday morning to this afternoon the signal strength has been rock solid. I wonder if Sprint rolled something back in anticipation of SS Sandy's landfall, or if itis just a placebo effect. FWIW the units are no getting the same crap reception as before.