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Plymouth, MA

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reply to jackfr

Re: MOCA connection Problem What am I missing?

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Coax Connections
Yes every connection is a home run to the cellar.

Yes I agree the Wan connection was a work around but he could not get it to work any other way after over 2 hours trying. I sugested to him to change the splitters also but he told me they were not the problem. I think he didn't have any on the truck because this would have been easy to check.

In the attached picture the main splitter is below the router it is a 6 way each output is marked 11.5db it is fed from the ONT. It feeds the 3 STBs with home runs, the router, and the amplifier. One outlet is capped.

The amplifier at the bottom of the picture feeds a second splitter above the router. This is a 8 way with each output marked as 12.5db. Six of the outputs are currently in use for set top adapters, two are capped. One of these runs approx 50 feet then to another amplifier then is a 400' run to a set top adapter which works fine. Before lightning damage we use to get our moca connection to this building through this cable. Now we use a second 400' (backup) cable to this building with adapters on each end for moca.

Everything worked fine before lightning, including video and internet over the one cable through the extra amplifier 400' to outbuilding 1. Everything is working fine now except the WAN work around and we can no longer get a moca connection to Outbuilding 1 with out using the second cable and two adapters.

When the wireless link went down to out building 2 (800') what I had hoped to do was just add a moca wireless router at that building and use a 2way splitter in the cellar and use one moca adapter there with one leg to the 400' run and one leg to the 800' run. That wouldn't work but it does with an adapter at each end of both runs. By the way the both runs operate much faster now than the wireless connections ever did. We use these for intranet/internet access and security cameras.

There is no "Coax Stats link in Network (Home/Office) column" see attached screen shot

Warwick, RI
You have a complex setup. I'm guessing the Set Top Adapter is a DCT-700. Since these are not MoCA devices, it does not matter.

You are using the Gen-3 Rev.I, and it may have GUI elements that are different than my Gen-1 Rev.C.

This is what I was looking for, but may not be available to you using the access I said.

Rev.C Coax Stats