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Having issues with my D-Link G3810

I was having issues for a few years with my old modem with keeping a connection consistently for years, Finally after it must have been 60 calls and 20 home visits. Telus sent me a new modem to try and see if it would fix the issue and it Did!.. However now i have a new issue with this modem.

The entire model number is Dlink DVA-G3810 BN/TL

The only issue i have with it is, Whenever i'm uploading data at a rate greater than 15kb/s (read, Its fine at or below 15) It will cause the internet to completely stop functioning, Be it a game (videogames, Or Some Facebook games do it) using the upload, Streaming data, uploading to youtube whatever.

As soon as it goes over 15kb/s upwards of 55kb/s, Nothing works, Skype will disconnect, Webpages refuse to load, Giving a connection refused error. However as soon as the game, Uploading, or whatever is stopped, The internet starts functioning again like nothing happened.

I've gone through the routers Settings pages and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix it. (and for troubleshooting purpose, i have put back in the old modem to test upload and it works perfectly fine, However my connection issues once again return)

Any support would be greatly appriciated please.


Edmonton AB

I thought the DVA's were discontinued and all they had left were Actiontecs...or the Zyxel for the ADSL only people. Either way the old DVA I have gathering dust here somewhere didn't have that issue.



Its news to me, since its what they gave me.


reply to Yido12

I would take it to a TELUS store and swap it for an Actiontec (Optik) or ZyXel (HS only.)

The lack of VDSL and wireless N on the DLink. Oy vey.
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