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This is a sub-selection from Not defending 6 strike policy, but


Detroit, MI
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reply to ITALIAN926

Re: Not defending 6 strike policy, but

said by ITALIAN926:

If you fail to see a sign of a sign indicating a decreased speed, and you happen to get pulled over, its not speeding purposefully !! How many brain cells do you have !?

Already covered that awhile ago kiddo. Yet you accuse others of not reading the thread when your not even reading your own posting? Seems I have more brain cells than you. Here is where it was covered:
said by Cthen:

said by ITALIAN926:

If I dont see a sign, and go over the limit, thats on purpose? I dont know about your logic here buddy.

I have spoken with not only police officers on this but lawyers and judges as well. It falls under the category of "your fault" as ignorance of the law is not a qualified defence.

Yes your state has a law that says if you don't see a sign then they have a set speed limit you should be going under unsigned roadways. You didn't follow it, you broke the law.

That also falls under "your fault" if your not paying attention to signage. You were PURPOSEFULLY not paying attention when the law requires you to do so.
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Riverside, NJ
reply to Cthen
cthen, is absolutely correct. for example, if you dont see a speed limit sign the set speed limit is 25mph until you see one