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I inherently don't like the encroachment of Big Biz into the Internet. My Nightmare is to one day log in and it will be ABC Internet,CBS Internet or NBC Internet offering you prepacked programs and lots of ads. Don't ever think that's stupid because that's what makes them drool.
But if you have ever sweated blood to make a creative work and some shithead copies it and does not pay for it, you would be ready to strangle them. I've had it happen with websites where you see your copy reproduced verbatim and the photo's. The photo's that you had to bribe to get in and spend 4 hours in 90 degree heat on a warehouse floor to get just the right one.
All I have read so far is whiny self justification from people who steal other people's work. You are nothing more than thieves going in your Mother's purse and stealing money from her.
There is no justification, without the virtual world you would be the one caught stealing C.D.'s from the store. Sure you will try to get around it, but the more difficult it is to do it the less people will do it.That's the idea.
Your insistence on your personal freedom to do this, is affecting all of our freedom to surf the net unhindered. So it is not a victim less crime, you are making us your victims. There will be innocent people who will get into all kinds of disagreements with AT& T over this and you will have caused that by your selfish actions.