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Sunnyvale, CA
reply to diroms

Re: Portable Generator question

said by diroms:

I'm using a reliance controls transfer switch installed according to the manual.

With all switches in the normal (utility power) position there is no connection from the generator to either utility power or the attached load even if you did get red and black wrong when installing the transfer switch. With red and black reversed, putting the switch into the generator position will connect the generator to the utility power grid instead of the intended load.

Is this one of the models with the integrated cable inlet or a hardwire model ?

With those models that have the cable inlet there isn't any generator side wiring that you would have to do yourself and eliminates the possibility of a wiring mistake. That would point to either a defect L14-30 cable or a defect transfer switch.

If you have a multimeter check the cable by putting it into the lowest Ohm setting (a beeping/blinking continuity tester works as well) and test with the cable disconnected from home and generator.

There should be 0 Ohm resistance or continuity between:
Plug Ground (top) to Receptacle Ground (top)
Plug Neutral (bottom) to Receptacle Neutral (bottom)
Plug Hot (left) to Receptacle Hot (right)
Plug Hot (right) to Receptacle Hot (left)

There should be no continuity (infinite resistance) between:
Plug Ground (top) and Plug Neutral (bottom)
Plug Ground (top) and Plug Hot (left)
Plug Ground (top) and Plug Hot (right)
Plug Neutral (bottom) and Plug Hot (left)
Plug Neutral (bottom) and Plug Hot (right)
Plug Hot (left) and Plug Hot (right)
You could do this test on the Receptacle end as well but the result would be the same and it is easier to ensure good contact on the plug end of the cable.
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