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reply to casscarr2002

Re: DIR-655 - 2 Units, 1 Gateway?

said by casscarr2002:

NetFixer thank you. The private static IP is the solution I think that has to happen, which I really don't have the experience to do myself unfortunately and don't have the time to read up and figure it out.
The only item I cannot do is utilize the same SSID name with different channels between the routers which I have already tested. My Galaxy note for example has such top notch range in the house regardless where I am, it continually bounces from one to the other no matter where I am so the only solution was to institute 2 SSID's and channels between the routers.
Success so far really is that I can access the AP via the network, but wireless devices cannot access it successfully through to the interwebz.

It sounds as if you may have the secondary router wired as an access point (both router LANs are connected, and the secondary router's WAN is not connected to anything), but perhaps both router's have their DHCP servers active, and the devices that are connecting to the secondary router's WiFi, are trying to use a nonexistent gateway because its DHCP server is pointing to its own WAN interface.

Maybe this FAQ might help you set things up: »Wireless Networking Forum FAQ »Using a Wireless Router as an Access Point
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L0R 2H8
AP LAN to Router LAN connected via ethernet. AP DHCP disabled. considering Firmware issues possibly now (AP using 1.34NA vA3, Router using 2.07NA vB1)