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reply to DarkSithPro

Re: Open Source's Secret Ally: Moore's Law

said by DarkSithPro:

Again the Linux community has to look at themselves and their distros and make the decision if their Operating Systems are good enough to compete against Microsoft and Apple for the average Joe.

They are.
said by DarkSithPro:

...they have lost battle of the desktop market.

They have, due to MS' licensing with PC OEMs. So who cares at this point? Times are rapidly changing. MS has no such fixed agreements with OEMs for mobile, portable, and imbedded devices.
said by DarkSithPro:

It's pretty sad that free OS offerings are not being chosen over closed source Operating Systems that they pay for, because they have the backing of OEMs.

The marketplace and consumer demand is rapidly changing.

said by The Seattle Times :

The whole company [Microsoft] has been driving for years toward this radical overhaul of its flagship operating system.

It's an urgently needed move as computing moves increasingly away from traditional PCs -- on which Microsoft built its dominance -- to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, areas where its competitors dominate.

But the dominance of Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms in the mobile realm threatens the future of Windows

For Microsoft, "that's a huge headache because the value of the Windows franchise is that it's the dominant personal-computing operating system, and it's not anymore," said Frank Gillett, an analyst with research firm Forrester.