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Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to elitefx

Re: [Extreme] DPC3825 Firmware Update

said by elitefx:

These Rogers firmware updates seem to do nothing but reduce end user control/security and enhance Rogers access to our home networks and the private data contained within.

Rogers does not build firmware nor does Rogers alter firmware for CISCO CPE gear. Rogers does have CISCO make changes to the firmware with specific requirement's suited to the Rogers network infrastructure needs -- which modified firmware then is rolled out by Rogers. The very same applies to ALL other ISP's that may use CISCO, MOTOROLA, ETC. CPE gear.
David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
Information Technology for Home and Business


London, ON

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said by mozerd:

Rogers does not build firmware nor does Rogers alter firmware for CISCO CPE gear.

Rogers firmware updates=A firmware update released by Rogers. Just amazing how 3 simple words can create such confusion and distress.......It doesn't matter who compiles the damn things. Their adverse effects are obvious to anyone who has been a victim of these malicious scripts of code.


reply to mozerd
moznerd, Rogers does not have Cisco creating custom firmware builds for them. The builds they have been using are 1:1 identical to the builds pushed out to Comcast, Cox, Shaw, Time Warner. They get these base builds from the MSO portal that Cisco hosts for these purposes.

All of the MSOs above are provided with tools directly from Cisco to take a base build, customize the http access control and password and append their own ISP specific code verification certificate (otherwise they wouldn't be able to push upgrades to modems over the network).

I hope that clears up any confusion.