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Riviere-Du-Loup, QC
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to TSI Marc

Re: Quebec Cable - Slow Speeds (vCable)

said by TSI Marc:

I checked on this and the third gig link is due to be installed on the 16th of October and then turned up either at the end of that week or early the next. Roughly 4-5 days after the physical link gets installed.

I'm not being mean with the review on that front. Just saying how it is. Like I said, I appreciate talking directly with someone from Teksavvy about these issues instead of a vague situation we would probably get from Bell or Videotron with a congestion issue. On a Sunday no less. That open-minded mentality is what made me stick with Teksavvy so far and willing to continue for a while as to give a fair review.

That's why I keep updating my review because I know 4-5 months is a short period to judge entirely on this congestion issue when I didn't notice any downtime in that period. Still, like I said, I can't recommend the service for out of office work hours (mostly prime time during evenings) to for my coworkers as a reliable (in term of speed consistency) option from my experience so far.

Annoying for home usage but it's something that can be mostly worked around unless you want Netflix or last minute game download on Steam (which is like my main usage during prime time).

So yeah, don't vanish from this thread, you already know where we come from which might color our speech or make us more accusatory than we should be. On our side, we know Teksavvy dropped the ball a bit and we're right to say it but we also know that you don't have full control of these situations as a TPIA.

Honestly, though. Someone at Teksavvy should have looked at our province and know we would all jump ship from Videotron! Even those new upgrades in speed and data cap are a slap in the face!
I just saw your signature and you mention CEO, after a bit of google I found your last name I think and if I'm right you should be able to get this. There's a reason we call them Vidéoétron around here. :P

Edit : Ah crap, accents won't work here?
Edit2 : Ah, here we go.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON

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Haha oui, j'parle bien le francais... Mon francais ecrit est terrible faque j'hesite toujours. Depuis que j'suis demenage a Chatham, j'en ai perdue.

Ouin, des gros zero qui son tronche essentiellement. Haha

You're right about recommending... And I hate that. And I want to fix it so you can.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy