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North Tonawanda, NY
reply to jpgr

Re: get second connect to get ready for bonded ADSL..... 20.98$

What speed did they say you'll be getting with the setup? Usually with a price decrease, there is a speed decrease. Hopefully not, though!


Clyde, OH

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Ya they dropped me down to 1 meg the same day I order but I called tech support . Cool and calm told them my situation. I also mention that they recorder my conversation with customer service rep telling me he would not change my speeds or account number . I did tell them I did not want a new account number or speEd dropped . The tech send me back to customer service again and told me to tell them only they can change my speed back and not to send me to tech support. I told customer service the same thing I told the tech support . . So customer service called the provision department and switched me back to my original speed1792mb I was getting 1186 on my modem stats .

I should have rEcorded the conversation for my own records . I would advise that. But so far my second phone line is active it was pending for 24 hours but no DSL . I got a phone signal but no internet light . I got a ticket in and the tech said its at the CO or somewhere on there end since the tech came in already and installed my line a phone jack and got dial tone . But my other modem is the one that went back to origianl provision speed. So the tech told me this new modem will get about the same .!

But personelly I am more into the ping on the second line for gaming not speed. I just got exede Satelite for the 12 meg 3 meg up so far I get 16 meg down. Since I work 4- midnight they got free downloading with no caps from midnight to 5am. I pay 120 a month but to me it's worth it !

But ya 3 weeks ago I was paying 48.99 I called told them I saw online it said 39.99so they switched it .Then I ordered seconed connect so in reality I was paying 48.99 for a year so I am paying only 12 dollars for the seconed connect since I never got to pay the 39.99 bill yet! I also had to agree to a price fix and a 1 year agreement since mine expired this month!


Clyde, OH
my bad people it all messed up they screwed me ! don't get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how did they mess up this time


Clyde, OH
I was quoted 60.97 but the rep was a noob on training and gave me the wrong quote it's know 80 something !!! I was pissed but they are actually doing a special for me to honor my quote. So it still 60 dollars. Luckily I called back to verify cause I read up and got curious!