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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

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reply to Tex

Re: [Rant] Bait and Switch

I don't see any bait and switch here...however, I do see plenty of confusion, and unfortunately, I think that it is a direct result of Comcast having different pricing, and special offers in effect in different areas, however, you often are not speaking with local area reps.

I am in CT and when I had some inital service questions I wound up speaking with a rep from somewhere in the mid west. I had to call at least a couple of times to ensure that the cost/service agreement was the best available for my location.

I also have to agree with LGM. Tex, if you can get an equivalent or better deal from a competing ISP, go for it, but beware that there are a lot of ISPs that have generated horror stories far worse than yours.

No offense, but threatening to cancel service is not going to particularly rattle anybody; that is what about 95% of all customers with a dispute say. (sigh, did that myself with more than one ISP over the years...never really accomplished anything)
Deeds, not words


Pleasanton, CA
When I threatened to cancel service with ATT
They just said: "Ok, sign here"

No complaints or anything. Of course when they called for feedback I gave negative feedback ofc.

So in my experience, yeah it's a bad idea.