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A couple of questions before I convert to Millenicom

Hello all,

I have been using Virgin Mobile Broadband2go for a few years now but the throttling after reaching 5GB of data is really becoming a problem now.

Millenicom suggests that I do not get their Unlimited Plan because my Sprint signal is supposedly too low in my area. My Virgin Mobile MC760 uses sprint signal, right?

If I were to use their unlimited plan I would be using the same exact tower -- right? (The online support are hesitant about answering that question for me, which I completely understand)

Lastly, they offer an Unlimited Plan and a BYOD Plan. It seems that the BYOD Plan is exactly the same as the Unlimited Plan except that I don't have to buy the 250U Modem from them for $100.

When I asked for more information on which modems I could use I was told " In order to be compatible with our BYOD plan the device must be Sprint branded, 3G or 3G/4G, and not currently in use with another service provider."

I imagine I could save a bit of money by buying my own device, any suggestions on a good modem to purchase?


Greenbush, MI

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Virgin Mobile USA is indeed a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) using the Sprint network, so same towers. I've been on the Unlimited plan for almost 2 years. When I first signed up they tried to talk me out of it because my zip code shows me with minimal coverage, however, the tower is pretty much in my back yard (less than 1/2 mile away). I get a great signal and have been a happy camper, all things considered.



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Great, thanks for the info nogaps.

I did some searching on the forums and it seems the Sierra Wireless 598 is the way to go. If anyone else has any other suggestions though, let me know -- won't be buying it for a couple more days.


Cobbs Creek, VA

The 598 is a very good device and can be found cheaply on eBay, that'd be the modem I would purchase.
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You are right yet again Jim -- Very cheap, picked a new one up for $18 shipped.

As someone who has been using the terrible Virgin Mobile Debug I can't wait to finally be able to fine tune my parabolic grid antenna using the 598U's Debug along with your blog.


Saint Johns, MI
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Best of luck! When Sprint makes good on their LTE promises, hopefully that will become available to you as well. Does anyone know Millenicom's terms when switching from one device to another on the BYOD plan? I would suppose they treat it as a new service plan, right?
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Lamiel, if you haven't tried yet go to their site and ask them via the Live Chat button at the top right.

The live chat is awesome, very fast answers without even having to mess around with a phone. Don't even have to be a customer.