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[AB] iPhone 5 issue

I recently got a iphone 5 and noticed that on our shaw wifi network with the Cisco DPC3825 router, the phone will connect to it but after a couple minutes the wifi will stop working. (but still be connected to the network).
I have tryed changing the wifi network channel, pass phrase security mode, encryption type, network mode, but nothing makes a difference.
Does anyone know what is causing this, or has had this issue?
Shaw told me to just change the wifi channel as that's the only thing that would cause this, but it didn't help at all.


Calgary, AB

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Its a long shot, but try increasing the default lease time in the DHCP server, default is 60 minutes, try 2000

Do you have this problem with any other WiFi signals?

If it stays connected, but all data stops, I would be looking at your phone to be causing the issue. If you recently got it (how recently) would it be an issue to reset it?

There are many many reports of this, and only the iPhone5, no other devices running the iOS version.

One place suggested trying WPA encryption instead of WPA2.

Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.

Sault Ste Marie, ON
reply to Bcbishop
The new iPhone 5 has numerous WiFi bugs at the current moment. Apple is going to be releasing an update in the coming weeks to correct these issues. I have the same problems with my iPhone 5 as well. It shouldn't have anything to do with Shaw.

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Than for the feedback.
I did reset the phone to factory but did not help.
I did change to Wpa personal also and didn't help.
I will wait for the update and see if that fixxes it.


Burnaby, BC
reply to Bcbishop
Funny tid-bit,

My friend's "HTC Panache" would do the same thing to my Wi-Fi (crashed it till the router is restarted)

I just told him to keep his Wi-Fi off when he's around, lol