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reply to Rook008

Re: [NFL] Week 7 Games Discussion

said by Rook008:

Man can the Jets WR's disappoint a fan.
About two minutes left in the game and Hill is wide open for a first down catch inside the 10. With the first down the Jets can run some clock and kick a go-ahead field goal or score a TD. Does he make the catch on a perfectly thrown ball? Of course not, he's a Jet.

No kidding. That game made my blood pressure sky high more than once. Several key plays, and that was sure one of them.
Not to mention the Pats kickoff return for a TD right after the Jets first scored. (Talk about a momentum changer). Not to mention the fumble by the Pats near the end-zone that almost was....could have been a touchback with the Jets on the 20, but became a 1st and goal on the one yard line for the Pats. it was the right call, unfortunately...but if the ball is stripped a mili-second earlier before his elbow touched the ground, it's Jets ball. (Actually, now that I think of it, it was so close I think it was called Jets ball, but reversed after review).
And even the game ending play. (Think it was third down?).
After the Pats went ahead in OT and the Jets had one chance to score, what was Sanchez thinking not putting the ball away and instead trying to still somehow get rid of it when he's already tied up and almost horizontal to the ground, while about to get pounded by another guy? Ah man!
Not to mention....aw, never mind.
Pretty amazing game though, and a lot closer than I ever expected.
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It was a lot closer than I expected it to be as well.
I mean, I figured the Jets couldn't go into New England and beat them, so OT was a pleasant surprise for me. But there were so many plays where I was just disgusted by the Jets WR's.
And I thought by now that Sanchez would know how to just take the sack and not cough up the ball.

On the bright side, other than the bone-headed mistakes, the Jets didn't look too bad these last two weeks.
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