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reply to parafluie

Re: [TWC] Not allowed to change email Password! TBRR

said by parafluie:

And, @NormanS, like you, I used to bounce in MWP (still use the old program!) and stopped using that feature. Do you still use bounce? I don't have any nifty effects as you have had. Well done!

No sir. I only briefly evaluated MW. I tested the bounce feature against my own accounts. From that decided it wasn't appropriate. In the end, I chose not to continue with MW.

What I mentioned was receiving MW bounces as part of the backscatter caused by the spammer. The bounces were directed to my Yahoo! email address by users who thought the spammer was going to get them; but I got them, instead. Because I had my test bounces, I found a unique signature only seen in MW bounces.

"Bouncing" can only be done during the SMTP transaction; by the time you see the email, the necessary information for a valid bounce is long gone.

I hope to get my other computer moved from the old residence to the new one, soon. I had my own server running, and that allows for the best effects. I have some customized reject messages which go to the sending IP address. I may, out of curiosity, test MW against the server to see how MW handles a valid bounce in response to a misdirected, and fake, MW bounce.
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