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reply to jimkyle

Re: Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal is released today.

said by jimkyle:

I've installed xfce 4.10 in my 12.04.1 system and so far have had no trouble at all from doing so. I've also used a launchpad download of a deb file to replace the defective system-monitor panel applet from 12.04 with the fixed version from Quantal, again with no problem. Now if I could only figure out how to kill tooltips on the xfdesktop icons while leaving them active for the panel applets, I'd have the best of all worlds...

They're not ever going to put xfce 4.10 into Precise; they never do such version updates unless it's a security issue.

Well I'm a big Hypocrite, said I wasn't gonna do it & then went & did it. Good news is, everything works. Bad news is, for some reason even though I upgraded Xubuntu 12.04, the Plymouth screen now says Lubuntu 12.10. Boy, install Lubuntu on my Xfce box and it gets all pushy on me.

BTW: Like that avatar, think I've seen it somewhere else before......
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