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[E-Mail] Emails to Insightbb are delayed (421 4.7.0 Too much spa

Original thread is here with the exact problem I am having but it is to old to respond too: »Emails to Insightbb Aren't Delivered

Emails to Insightbb Aren't Delivered

Every email we're trying to send to Insight friends (just Insight, nowhere else) has been bouncing for the past 5 days. I'm getting this error code in the body of the notification:

> > > SMTP error from remote server in greeting:
> > > host mx.insight.synacor.com[]:
> > > 421 4.7.0 Too much spam

Our ISP is AT&T (Bellsouth) and we use a 1&1.com-purchased domain name for all emails, so we're not using "bellsouth.net" addresses when sending outbound mail through Outlook, we're using multiple @blah-blah.com addresses - several of them.

When I switch to a Gmail account to send, it goes through.

1&1 customer support insist it's my ISP's issue: "the host mx.insight.synacor.com [] is an IP address of Insight and was being blocked by your current ISP provider".

My question: is it an Insight issue, an AT&T issue, or a 1&1 issue? I don't understand, if it's an AT&T issue why the gmail-sent mail goes through?

I'm just confused... not to mention why this would have happened in the first place!
The same exact thing happening in that thread is happening here. We have a company hosted through 1and1 and they are using insightBB as their ISP. When sending emails from their 1and1 email accounts to any account that is @insightbb.com they get the following message:

"-----Original Message-----
From: Mail Delivery System [mailto:mailer-daemon@perfora.net]
Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2012 9:55 AM
To: ****emh@******a.com
Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. The following addresses failed:

SMTP error from remote server in greeting:
host mx.insight.synacor.com[]:
421 4.7.0 Too much spam.
retry timeout exceeded"

We have called both 1and1 and insightbb multiple times. This is 1and1's latest response:

"Thank you for contacting us.

The bounce message "Too much spam" is generated when the recipients mark a message as "spam", or if the message end up directly on your spam folder. When the message has been flagged as junk by a high number of recipients (50% of total # of messages/hour), the sender in question is blocked. This means that this block is entirely due to the feedbacks sent from email recipients. The block will expire on its own only when no email messages (of any kind) are sent by the blocked sender for 24 hours.
To prevent this issue from happening again, You have to perform a thorough auditing of its distribution lists and, if needed, review and amend its opt-in policy. You may also want to subscribe to feedback loops with the service providers they send mailings to. This will help him monitoring who is flagging its emails as spam. "

None is this worked or helped. Insight is saying that they are looking into it and their system admins have been notified.

We are on the verge of leaving 1and1 for good because of this and I have a feeling its more of an insight problem. Our customers have to be able to e-mail and we are running out of time to fix their problem. Also they aren't sending any spam e-mails, just email to their clients they are representing. Any ideas?

Shelbyville, KY

Re: [E-Mail] Emails to Insightbb are delayed (421 4.7.0 Too much

By the looks of it the server that you are using to send email to Insight has been blocked because it is producing some type of spam or has in the past.

Keep in mind that unless you are running a dedicated server you are most likely sharing a single ip address with many other users that could have hacked email accounts that are sending out spam.

A lot of times companies refer to blacklists to help cut down on spam email into their systems and if the address of the email server you are using is on a blacklist that it is possible that is why Insight is blocking it.

If you can PM me the IP address of your email server I will check it for you and let you know what I see.

Louisville, KY
reply to tsouth2
This is not really based on the domain name in your emails. The issue is the IP Address that your emails are coming from.

Your emails are being blocked because the IP Address that belongs to AT&T (Bellsouth) has been flagged for sending too much spam. The Insight mail server is refusing emails from that IP because Bellsouth is letting too much spam go out.

Insight is the one doing the blocking and Could remove the block, but should they? Insight customers don't want spam and Insight certainly has the right to protect their network from spam. Insight is not the one you should complain to here.

Bellsouth needs to get with the program and deal with their outbound spam. They get blocked all the time, it comes and it goes and years go by and Bellsouth won't change anything until their customers hold their feet to the fire. (Google for "Bellsouth outbound spam")

In the meantime you could take your email domains over to Google Apps as they do offer limited accounts for free.