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Boise, ID
reply to SamHillTX

Re: D-Link - Substandard gear, substandard service

My last post was not meant to be condescending however it is warranted. Each mfr has different products and are compatibly different in HW and for intended uses. I do feel that your experiences are based on assumptions that all HW is the same and should work the same. I agree only to a point. Most HW is NOT the same, however on a standard basis, it should work well and in most cases, does work well when used in it's intended platforms and environments. I also feel that there are some design flaws, be it FW or HW that sometime just crop up from time to time for ALL mfrs.

Generally all products work well out of the box. It's end user configurations and environments that impact functionality 99% of the time.

Yes, your germane input here as brought light to your experiences with this particular router. However, you have failed to try other suggestions and other D-Link model routers to see if any of those would resolve your problem and thus tells me and others that you are just totally biased and against trying some other D-Link model that will probably resolve your problem, which is your choice. I run a 20 device networking household with VPN and multiple printers and wireless devices. Nothing you have expressed here has been seen using many tested D-Link model routers that I have access too. So I'm only here to try to either help you and suggest to you that you do try a different model router to see if that resolves your problem or if not, ya, go with some other mfr that does work for you. However in doing this, I'm here to let others know that this case is isolated and to provide other reviewers that in this case, the problem was not fully explored, tested, probable product unintended uses and has biased unresolved results that maybe unrelated to the product.

It all comes down to were just here to help each other. We all have had certain experiences with very mfr in the world. Were not perfect either. It take some understanding and some additional time and effort in some cases to work with people and with various networking products to get them to work well. Theres too many variables in networking and wireless that make it hard for any mfr to nail down and fully incorporate in to every device. Why we have some standards out there, which are mostly adhered to, some I presume may not be.

So, sorry if I seemed to be condescending, wasn't meant to be, just trying to help you understand and do a little more troubleshooting and offer some suggestions that we recommend you try. If not, then so be it. Life goes on.

Good Luck in your endeavors.