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Re: Professional gaming

anyone else getting aroused over here? is it just me?


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said by TheThing:

Football? he got hit... analysis done

You sir win the internet :P


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I don't see this happening for a looong time, if at all.

Even within the gaming community, there is simply too many casual gamers who would probably watch sports over professional gamers play.

Me personally, I would love for there to be gaming on TV. But honestly, I don't watch much TV as it is, and I assume a lot of professional gamers don't either. Simply because TV and gaming are competitors, you don't really do both at the same time, you do one or the other. Whereas with sports, people don't really need to play sports to watch it and know what is going on (somewhat, anyways).

Dunno if that made sense, but there you go.

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I agree I rather play a game than to watch others play it. But as much as I love basketball I know I'll never play in the NBA so I cheer for my favorite team and watch them on TV.

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reply to Savious Zero
Hello everyone, a pool and golf player here.. Everyday there are new people/faces coming into the lobby of virtual pool 3 (VP3) lobby in tunngle. Its a classic, strategy game but is still part of a sport, we do many sorts of game types like cowboy, honolulu, 1 cushion billiards, etc. but the main biggest ones we play (as all together in a group) 10 ball, 9 ball, rotation, and fifteen ball. The game has some very interesting effects such as when you make a wrong aim and ball goes flying off the table. We do our best to keep the balls on the table as much as we can but its pretty tough when the game's speed dial in settings is on low and then its on high the very next minute.Mainly my friend and myself play everyday but at times we're busy (out and about) but when its been awhile since we all last had played then its a heck of a blast with a ton of fun.

We play tournaments and setup multiple different rooms, we even keep track of our scores day-by-day. We even setup our very own website here: »www.altidesign.nl/vp3/
But we only put our bowlliards scores into the site. Bowlliards is a very neat game and full of fun more then the rest. Cribbage is one of my favorite ones, you have to pot a certain ball that is the opposite kind of, like this: yellow- green, blue- orange, red- purple, and brown- black. Different rules apply to all different games and what type of situation you are in but its certainly worth it for the fun.

One thing I like about this game is there is no such thing as FPS or RPG in the game, its all plan strategy however there is a such thing as misshappen(s). The balls are the physics in the game not the surroundings in the background, the background of each place/room is completely different (making it more comfortable to play in) also you can play career mode and earn a bunch of money and buy a great looking pool cue and add to you cue case, all pool cue sticks do the same, there is no difference in speed nor smoothness in speed or direction. The main thing you need to know about VP3 is that it has a ton of bugs and could cause problems while playing such as crashing, change in layout after breaking, save files can be bugged very easily at times but not too worry for this only happens once in a great while so no need to panic and if you have to restart all over again, no worries, just remember you get better the more you play and experience all the features that VP3 has to offer.

There's another pool game that we all play together called Billard Kings 2, its way better than VP3 that some will notice however you need the english file instaled in the dir. file unless you know Russian. I use to really like this game but now days its more of a side game cause the controlling is completely different than in VP3, in VP3 you push your mouse forward to make your move, while in BK2, you pull back mouse (adjusts speed of cue) and then press LMB to make your move. We play BK2 in VP3 tunngle lobby as well since there is no BK2 lobby.

I don't think I seen very many bugs (if any at all) in BK2, the game is pretty easy going but the crashes are kind of worse off and on compared to VP3. There is no cue case but you can still pick from a few different cue's (different colors) and there are only 3 rooms, 3 different table types. You can dress your matches up as you want so it will suite you. The physic's are wild and courageous so a lot of fun there. When playing alone you can turn training mode on and aim at any ball and it will show you what all balls get hit and what exactly happens such as two balls will get potted if you aim here or if you hit this ball it will then hit this ball making it pot into the top right ball, its very simple it shows a line path from your cue ball to where your aiming and if you adjust your aiming just right to where it pots a ball, a red line/path will appear.

What makes both of these two types of games similar is most of the controls are the same however using them have a different approach to you and only half of both have same game types. In all rooms of both, there is a background and if you want, you can disable this in the options menu and don't worry this only gets turned off for yourself alone so the other player(s) do not see you disabling background.

Here's my ratting on both together:
Gaming experience:8

Also I wanna add on that we also play in the VP2 lobby of tunngle, just a reminder.
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