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Forest Hills, NY
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Re: VPN Review websights

i'm using mullvad thru november, and in december i will try ibvpn (openvpn) for a month on the advice of a respected colleague, so it would be great if you could try ibvpn and post on this thread the same ubunto test i did while throttled at 1mbs and see how consistent your download is. performance wise mullvad is terrific, on rare occasions i can't get in or disconnect cleanly, but after trying so many VPN's it seems they all have similar problems so i don't complain as long as occurrences remain infrequent. linkideo reliability was dropping at the time that i left which is another reason why i'm glad i found mullvad when i did.

i find the openvpn 2.2.2 is so much more reliable and consistently faster than pptp that i no longer need to use vpnetmon to protect against a vpn failure exposing my public IP. if ibvpn turns out to be any good, their 12 month openvpn plan will be as cheap as linkideo's monthly pptp plan, so clearly i have no plans to experiment with pptp any longer. i do still keep vpnetmon loaded during large overnight torrents of HBO content as they are especially vigilant about their copyrights. however during such application i change the vpnetmon Softshutd Time frequency to 1,000ms as faster is unnecessary since it takes much longer for a failed vpn on openvpn to release your public ip than it does on a pptp connection.

BTW there is a lot of confusion about Sweden being a good VPN outlet country considering recent laws that were passed regarding EU Data retention laws requiring the last 30 days of logs to be kept. let me be clear - such laws only pertain to local phone and isp companies, and NOT to value added service providers hosted by local ISPs such as VPN's and Seedbox, so your activity logs are perfectly safe with a Swedish provider. as a matter of fact some Swedish IPS's are marketing the circumvention of this European law that Sweden's Piratpartiet hates by providing hardware VPN's inside their ISP modems to co-locate them to another part of Sweden and help anonymize their local customers for free.

It would not surprise me to see similar services marketed here in the USA once the "6 Strikes" MPAA/RIAA rules are fully enforced and understood by the average ISP consumer early 2013, as in Europe there are no laws against protecting one's self from being monitored by your own ISP provider, and using said protection is NOT considered by the courts to be any legal admission of "torrent guilt".

Here's another Mullvad test - it's a bit choppy because it's primetime in Europe at the moment. Mullvad seems to randomly outlet me in Netherlands or Sweden so the next time I notice I'm being outlet in Sweden I'll try to post another test - but it will be pretty much the same results. I have never once been outlet-ed in Germany, as many other Scandinavian VPNs seem to do.