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New York, NY
reply to Yann

Re: SB6141 Can't access modem config manager

said by Yann :

I talked with them again on the phone and no way they will tell me the problem is on their side

Yann, last Monday I did get confirmation from a level 3 technician that this was a TWC problem caused by their provisioning file. As I said, I think this will take them time (and many complaints) for them to fix the issue. Did you contact level 3 support @ 866-506-0218?

said by Yann :

Right now I get disconnected from time to time for 5 or 10 minutes and I don't know what to blame. And TWC just tells me it is my modem fault and everything is ok on their side. Since the modem is new, they could be right but I can't even access my devices logs !

That's a terrible situation !

Agreed. I know it's not of much or any help to you, but aside from this admittedly large issue, my SB6141 has been solid since it was provisioned over a week ago. Mods, perhaps this thread should be merged with the other activation thread?