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reply to PinkyThePig

Re: Astraweb automates DMCA removals

Yes Giganews do charge more than the others, thanks for pointing that out. Your assumption is too simplistic, charge more= more money, especially when it doesn't take into consideration the costs of running that business. Giganews may have to charge that much just to keep things running as their costs may be higher than that of Astraweb's. The two may have very similar profit margins when it is all said and done. Also Ferrari, charge a lot for their cars. Let's say compared to Ford, their cars are far more expensive. I think we can all agree on that. Do you think that since Ferrari charges more for their cars, that they make more money than Ford?

Anyway like I said, being in the Usenet business, you should already have DMCA Take Down requests factored in as the cost of doing business. You are in fact in a business that is littered with all kinds of uploaded copyrighted material, let's be honest here and call it what it is.

Automatic DMCA take down request do no one any good. I find it hard to believe that you would support such a system especially when it could be detrimental to the whole Usenet milieu. I gave one good example in my last post of such abuse that could be rendered if a person was engendered to do so.