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Chesterfield, MO

Benching Far Test Sites

If you are using Windows XP or earlier, make sure your RWIN is big enough. 60Mbps is pretty fast and XP is tuned for LAN response times. If you are using Vista or greater, tuning is automatic so this shouldn't be a problem. The newer stack responds to high bandwidth and/or high latency by automatically increasing the RWIN.

If you are using OSX or a Unix variant, check if they have auto RWIN tuning. If not, consider trying to determine what the RWIN is and the OS supports auto tuning. If auto-tune is not available, consider increasing your RWIN. For instance, if it's 16K bytes, try doubling it to 32K. If you have low packet loss, increasing it should not cause issues. If there's some packet loss, making it bigger will mean a lost packet will cause a longer stall and recovery -- so it's good to tweak gradually.


Superior, WI
never had issues getting the full 100mbps(still get it). I quit using XP ages ago, and if you read the updates, its now the ultra100, and I have no issues with it.